Who We Are

Headquartered in Wermelskirchen/Germany and engaged in procurement, projects, manufacturing, service, in medical, chemical, industrial, financial and aviation fields as well as turnkey projects, that are managed and financed by international and governmental agencies or private facilities in the different territories of the world.

ATG focuses on searching on needs and demands, generating projects and developing solutions through joint-venture agreements or with its own team. ATG has been positioned to be the best infrastructure and different technology groups including its smaller associations and driving leadership through investing in researching, training of own team personal and achieving a culture of understanding to better serve to our customers.

Chasing new requirements and demands are the cornerstone of the ATG philosophy. Focusing on the reliable solutions and investing in innovations are our biggest goals and challenges which are inspiring our thinking. These are driving us finding the sustainable solutions to the society.


➢ “STH Teknoloji AS (STH)/Turkey” was established in 2003 as a procurement and project company in industrial field for high technology systems, raw materials and lubricants in Turkey and USA market

➢ “AT Technologies GMBH/Germany” was established in 2004 – at the same time establishment of “Allied Technologies Group (ATG)/Germany” – for the same aim like STH but for European market

➢ In 2005; ATG introduced itself in medical field as project company with the cooperation of sister company STH for turnkey projects managed and financed by international agencies

➢ In 2006; ATG is accredited to ISO 9001

➢ In 2007; ATG became a registered supplier and project company for NSPA (NATO Supply and Procurement Agency) and at the same time official supplier for German Military Procurement Center BWB (Bundesampt Für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung)

➢ In 2008; “Integral Saglik Teknolojileri Ltd. Sti/Turkey” was established for omly medical projects

➢ In 2008; Establishment of Joint venture with “Delta Trade Company/Turkey” for the turnkey hospital projects

➢ In 2012; “ATGMED/Germany” was created as a mark of “ATG” for the advanced wound healing and tissue engineering for the German spoken countries.

➢ In 2012; STH and INTEGRAL gets the human bone and tissue bank license

➢ In 2013; “RADAT Dosimetri Laboratuvar Hizmetleri A.S.” was established for the dosimeter service – Radiation protection and got the license from TAEK (Turkish Atomic Energy Authority) for the measuring and evaluation of personal dosimeter.

➢ In 2014; ATG has accredited to ISO 13485:2012 and also got the CE Mark for the medical devices manufactured by ATG

➢ In 2014; for the turnkey projects “AT Construction” is established as a construction company and “AT Property” was established for the management of this turnkey projects

➢ In 2015; ATG and STH established a joint venture with ATIGEN/Turkey called as “ATIAT/Turkey” for the processing of human tissue and bones as well as cell and tissue engineering process